Elevate the Everyday
I am Busby and my little side kick is Bear...

I was a fashionista/ fashion victim, city dweller with a penchant for sparkles, fur, feathers and massive heels. I had money to spend and spend I did on anything shiny and exciting…..and then it all changed.

I got everything I had dreamed of: a wonderful man, a beautiful house in the countryside, an amazing baby (Bear) and time to enjoy it all…..hmmm….

I was a city mouse in a scary new country house, a bit lonely, a bit scared and a bit out of my depth and then I started to find my way.

 I decided that instead of being sad that I couldnt spend days in spas, hours reading magazines and weekends playing out in new outfits I could still bring a little bit of my old life into my new by elevating my everyday and that’s what I share here.

I work for myself - PR and blogger outreach - which is wonderful and scary and sometimes a bit lonely too.

I love self help books, silly shoes and a nice piece of cake...so that tends to be what I write about. I am constantly trying to stay on the right side of fashion victim and have a verging on the unhealthy obsession withFfrench style.

Thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoy what you read and I would love to hear from you, please email me [email protected]